Daily Quest

05.01.2017 17:59

Where Can Get Job Coin

Daily Quest reward 150 job coin

Daily Login Reward random 1~500 Job coin

Most Online Player every day 50 Job coin

PVP slayer mode winner 50 Job coin

Job slayer mode winner 50 Job coin

Sphinx/Horus/Sekhmet/Osiris/Nephthys each unique drop 25 Job Coin able 2 time

CTF 1 job coin for each kill

Unique rank reward change to job coins every month top 3 player in unique rank will get 3/2/1 job coins minimum score 3k points

job rank reward change to job coins every month top 3 player in job rank will get 3/2/1 job coins minimum level job 50

Each reverse point in map had unique drop 25~50 Job coins

Event Pvp/Hide&Seek/Unique/Survival/Trivia/Search&Destroy/Lucky Party Number/50 Job coin to winner player

Kill The Gm: Reward 15 Job coin for each round, able to play 3 rounds

All fortress has been closed for now Jangan Fortrees only allowed to play in Monday/Friday and Reward 500 Job coin for each member in winner guild


Job System

18.02.2017 16:06

Where Can Get Gold

Neith drop 600B gold scroll

Selket drop 600B gold scroll

Isis drop 600B gold scroll

Anubis drop 600B gold scroll

Viper STR drop 600B gold scroll

Reward for 1 trade 5* from jangan to Alex 2T gold as (trader) after sell trade restart your char to get Scroll gold.u must a-cross (DW/HT/SK/CON) to Alex if u take any shortcut u will not got any RW

Reward for 3 trade 5* 2T gold as (thief) after sell trade restart your char to get Scroll gold

Collect gold and buy job coin from shop and buy special items

Arena 200B gold for winner team/100B gold for loser

6 Unique each one drop scroll gold 300B

4 Ghost Sereness appeared in FGW grade 1/2/3/4 each one drop scroll gold 600B

24 Unique Hight Hp each one drop scroll gold 600B inside and out side Ghost Area,how to Teleport to Ghost Area just follow screen shot

New Drop

1.1.2018 3:06

Where Can Get AVA coin

SamarKand area mobs ONG drop AVA coin

Drop AVA coin 40%

Character session lock system will lock your account temporarily and you wont be able to exchange/stall/drop/move/etc items by doing so your charcater is protected while your away. type !lock (4 digit password) in All chat window to lock your character, to remove the lock type !unlock (your password) The lock will be automatically removed if you logg off or disconnected.

Bubbles will automatically appear on top of your character If you dont move for more than 5 minutes. This is simple there to show other players around you that you are afk in case they are trying to pm you and you aren’t responding

Zerk Scroll

1.1.2018 3:06

Where Can Get Zerk Scroll

Viper INT drop 15 zerk scroll

Roc Level 107 drop 100 zerk scroll u can enter gate by key in shop

Add new Daily system for top 5 job rank reward will be gift buff

FGW reward change to advanced D15 +6

Basic Info

1.1.2018 3:06

Hint about our system


First of all, thanks for giving this Epic Game a chance by Play in

Have you always been searching for a reliable server with a active customer support and owner? Then you're on the right place!

Welcome to Avatar, where nothing is impossible! 1st server pvp & uniques in silkroad section make coins drop from mobs

Our Vision in AvatarSro that we must give every one chance to be strong by hes worke so we decided to give our lovely player all items coins drop from mobs/uniques/etc,,so all u need just farm and collect your coins to get special items/etc..

Well,about our system its dependant on AVA/JOB coins and Gold u can buy any items in server by AVA/JOB coins and Gold

Upgrade system by scroll in shop

Server Information

    • Cap : 130
    • New Skills : 140
    • System : Coins
    • Drop Coin : Enabled
    • Events : Auto
    • Ch : 4 Build
    • Eur : 2 Build
    • Max Opt : +26
    • Advanced : Enabled
    • FGW : Enabled
    • Gate Of Roc By Key : open 2 time at 1:00 AM & 1:00 PM
    • Gate Of Medousa INT: open 2 time at 3:00 AM & 3:00 PM
    • Gate Of Selkis/Neith : open 2 time at 5:00 AM & 5:00 PM
    • Gate Of Inbuis/Isis : open 2 time at 7:00 AM & 7:00 PM
    • Gate Of Seth/Haroeris : open 2 time at 9:00 AM & 9:00 PM
    • Titan Appeared : 2 time at 11:00 AM & 11:00 PM

Server Stats

    Server Time : Reg Accounts : 7186
    Characters : 4518
    Gateway Server :
    Game Server :

Fortress War

  • Register Time : Mon/Fri at 12:00 AM~12:00 PM
  • Play Time : Mon/Fri at 8:00 PM~9:00 PM